The spring from which we extract our natural mineral water, the same one that Bottelarij Noorderwater is about to introduce on the commercial market, is owned by the bottling plant’s founders: Gezinus Oosting and Hanneke Heerema. The Dutch Minister of Health and Welfare recognized our spring as natural mineral water on July 1st, 2009, following a process in which numerous tests were performed and expert reports drawn up. Receiving this recognition is an absolute prerequisite for marketing the water. The spring (and the natural mineral water it contains) was granted full certification.

Based on that recognition, a permit was granted for serving and selling the natural mineral water to consumers. That is the official part of the story. But the natural mineral water also has an intrinsic value, because of its superior quality and purity. The minerals it contains, moreover, are in perfect balance. In exact harmony with our bodies’ needs. All this indicates just how unique the mineral water from this spring really is.

No prescription is needed (in fact, it can’t be artificially formulated), no complicated production process is involved, nothing more than the fairly simple but strictly regulated, oxygen-free bottling of the water in beautiful glass containers.

Main features of our natural mineral water:

  • superior quality;
  • unique composition, particularly the absence of nitrates, meaning that this water can rightfully be called pristine mineral water;
  • since the ice age 450,000 years ago, this water has been conserved under a protective 34-meter (37-yard) thick layer of dense, high mineral-content clay, so that absolutely no chemical or physical pollutants are present;
  • our careful extraction of the water in no way compromises the geological integrity of the surroundings.

why use glass bottles?

Outside the fact that we consider our superior quality mineral water to be worthy of the most beautiful packaging we can design, a glass bottle is the only packaging suitable for natural mineral water. Unlike plastic, glass is not porous. So using glass enables us to guarantee quality, even over a very long period of time (up to two years).

Consumers also prefer glass over other packaging materials. The reasons are obvious: glass packaging has numerous advantages over other kinds of packaging.

A few of the benefits of glass bottles:

  • Products in glass have a longer shelf life.
  • Glass is less damaging to the environment.
  • Glass does not affect the taste or consistency of the package content.
  • Glass is strong, providing the most reliable protection.
  • Glass is clean, and therefore the most hygienic type of packaging.
  • Glass conveys quality: a product in glass has more cachet and is qualitatively better.
  • Glass is 100% recyclable and can be infinitely reused (plastic can be recycled only a limited number of times, and never a full 100%).

Of all the glass used, more than 85% is reconstituted into new glass (for plastic, this rate is less than 25%).

to China

In the first phase, our company will export bottled natural mineral water to China.

Why China? View here an excerpt of our company video, which was produced thanks to the sponsorship of Carillon Audiovisual Communications.

Naar China

objective and mission

Bottelarij Noorderwater focuses on the bottling and export of mineral water of superior quality from its own, fully certified spring in Wagenborgen (Delfzijl, the Netherlands).

To achieve this objective, we have assembled a professional, highly dedicated team with proven ability in food exports to Asia, in accountancy and in international sales. Our competent head of operations manages and oversees the production process on the plant floor. An external partner well versed in all the ins and outs of operational logistics will be in charge of that end of the business. Ten other production and administrative workers will complete our team for the first phase.

The geographical and hydraulic conditions of the spring are very favorable: unlimited volumes are available from a source protected from any adverse outside influences, that is, an enclosed tunnel channel from the Elsterien Ice Age (see also The Spring). Based on the Dutch government’s recognition of the spring, we were also issued a to serve and sell this natural mineral water to consumers.